Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Data Capture through RDMScan Paper Checks from your desk to the bank for deposit

Clearing a check use to require a trip to the bank and 5-7 days of waiting for your funds.  Now, with Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), your business can clear paper checks within 1-2 days without ever leaving the office.  This service is designed for the small business that receives about 10-50 checks per day. 

Web-based RDC from Electric Checks is so simple to use that little or no training is required.  In fact, deposits can be completed within 5 minutes saving you time and money.  Imagine eliminating the extra time needed to fill out ledgers and deposit slips, not to mention driving to the bank.  With gas prices at an all time high, your business is sure to save money on fuel by cutting back on trips to the bank. 

How It WorksView Demo

Scan your personal, business or Postal Money Order checks through a check scanner and within 1-2 days each check scanned into the system

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is captured and electronically submitted to the bank clearing network.  Then, the funds are deposited directly into a single account, multiple accounts or multiple banks in all 50 states.  Get detailed reports, track your deposit history and view images of scanned checks on your computer screen.

Benefits of Remote Deposit Capture

  • Easy to use-limited training required
  • Saves time-eliminates time spent filing out deposit slips and copying checks
  • Saves money-saves gas and trips to multiple banks
  • Simplies financial record keeping-view deposits, check images and reports online
  • Insure your money in full-get full FDIC insurance by depositing less than $250,000 at different banks (from your desktop)

Based on economic emergency of September 2008 with various bank failures and the decline of the stock market, the most important benefit of Remote Deposit Capture is the ability to deposit your funds in increment of less than $250,000 (principal and interest) into  multiple banks so that each account will be fully insured by the FDIC.

ACT NOW so that your funds are fully insured.

  • View a demonstration of how it works
  • Estimate your savings with the Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator
  • Summary of the Process

 If you process 100 or more checks per day, consider our high capacity software and scanner system to fully optimize the power of Remote Deposit Capture.

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