Electronic Check Processing

The price of a single postage stamp gives you a clear indication that sending payment requests that way is costly. The stamp alone is now $0.44 each—and climbing.  So if you send out 100 requests for payment that’s $44.00 for postage – never mind the labor and the time it takes for the customer to send you back their payment. And how many times do you have to send a second request --- tying up $0.88 for postage.

Look ahead –because Linked2pay lets you send an unlimited number of email requests (at no cost) linked to a secure payment page.  You are charged a small flat fee based on the monthly payment plan you select.  You only pay for the payments you receive—not the email you send.  Accept payment by check or credit card or check and credit card by email or through your website.

How Linked2pay works:

Linked 2 PayLinked2pay is an online service that provides an easy and highly efficient method to send emails to your customers that include a link to a secure payment site. The site presents your payment requests for the amount intended for each specific client and sends their payments to your bank account. The service is provided for a low flat monthly fee that is based on your quantity of expected payments. Unlike sending payment requests by mail ($.44 per stamp alone and climbing), linked2pay emails are unlimited and included as part of your monthly service package.

The service enables a user to quickly and easily create templates that include your message, images and variables that facilitates payments posting to accounts receivable packages. The service accommodates businesses, non-profits, churches and schools by adapting to payments, donations and contributions.

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