How Electronic Representment of an NSF Check Works:

To use this free bounced check collection service, you must enroll and then post a sign at the point-of-sale and include language on your invoice, website and/or credit application stating that you will electronically collect non-sufficient funds checks by debit of the check writer’s bank account along with a service fee allowable by state law.

Enroll for Free Enrollment and this service is FREE to you! Click here to enroll now!

Here is an example of how the system works:

  1. Your customer purchases fuel oil for $699 by check.
  2. You, the merchant, display at the point-of-sale a sign stating that you will collect a non-sufficient funds (NSF) check by electronic debit of the customer’s account. The language may also be placed on an invoice, website, or credit application.
  3. The customer’s check is returned to you by the bank for insufficient funds.
  4. Fax the bounced check you wish to collect to Electric Checks at 702-543-4843.
  5. Electric Checks converts the NSF check into an electronic item, which is sent through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and finally to the paying bank.
  6. Paying bank receives and posts the ACH transaction to the bad check writer’s account.
  7. If there are funds available to cover the check, the funds in the amount of $699 will be electronically credited to your account within 6 business days after clearing the bank.
  8. A service fee, allowable by state law, will also be debited from the bad check writer’s account.
  9. If the check comes back NSF, it can be represented a third time as long as the check is not stamped “Do Not Redeposit”.
  10. You will notice of the check results by email.
  11. You do not have to contact the check writer.
  12. To be electronically processed, the NSF check must be less than $2500.00 and less than six months old.
  13. This is a free service to you because the bad check writer pays a service fee.

Enroll for Free Enrollment and this service is FREE to you! Click here to enroll now!

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